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#Occupy's Legacy

#Occupy Protest: Corporations are PEOPLE too?!

Using Atlas.ti to analyze posts from #Occupy's blog, the manuscript argues that the movement's death has been slightly exageraged, because #Occupy falls outside of the focus of mainstream social movement theories. At the same time, the literature on #Occupy is not sufficiently theoretical. Some authors recognize that gap and point out that #Occupy’s nature requires that the movement is assessed and theorized from within and from the outside. However, Habermasian analysis is yet to be applied to #Occupy, even thought it has been thirty years Habermas and Touraine were identified as the theorists who connect modern social conflict and postindustrial capitalism.

Some quotes from the blog:

"BUSINESS should not be synonymous with GOVERNMENT. POLITICIANS should represent PEOPLE, not their stock folio. I should not be afraid that COLLEGE will bankrupt my FAMILY. A job should not be the difference between paying for DIALYSIS or suffering KIDNEY FAILURE. We should not be the 99%. But we are." 2011.

"My mom left my alcoholic and emotionally abusive father to start a better life for us. He lost his law enforcement job due to a DUI, which took our insurance away as well. My mama works so hard to take care of me and pay for our bills and groceries, but she can’t afford birthday presents for me and I’m about to have my 6th birthday. I cry when I ask for a toy in a store and she says she can’t afford it. Then she starts to cry. If not for the kindness of family and friends, we wouldn’t have clothes or shoes. Sometimes we have to borrow money to pay bills. She says she’s embarrassed because she has a good job but can’t keep up. I love my mama and I don’t want her to be sad anymore. We are the 99%." 2011.

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